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Viagra solves the ED problem in large percentage in men. Till now in 90% cases it's proved its efficiency. Viagra is a drug taken orally. Men are required to swallow Viagra pill (only one pill) one hour before the intercourse. After an hour or 45 minutes they will attain highest quality erection.

Viagra is effective for about four to 5 hours. This medication shouldn't be taken quite just one occasion during a day. It should be consumed during a gap of 24 hours. Viagra is effective in treating male erectile dysfunction only in presence of sexual stimulation within the body. Therefore, being sexually aroused is must before taking the drug.

Many people are in a disarray state of mind regarding Viagra side effects. There is no got to disturb the peace of mind brooding about them. Viagra side effects occur very rarely and people occur are generally benign. Headache, blur vision, indigestion, colour blindness, running nose, back pain, drowsiness etc. are among the common side effects of the drug. They will be troublesome if stay for while contrary to their nature. Generally they vanish in one or two hours. Serious side effects only occur when the drug is crazy nitrates or with alcohol. Besides, when precautions aren't followed serious side effects occur. Cardiovascular problems, strokes, pain in chest, severe drowsiness etc. are symptoms of danger.

Viagra is particularly made with the motto to offer men pleasurable sex life and therefore the drug has fulfilled pharmacist's expectation to the complete extent. Today men are just unaware about the pain and suffering of men of the sooner times. They only don't view impotence as a drag. And it's real also. Viagra has shed ED tension from men life completely. The drug provides quality erection to men and also toughness to endure erection for a while. It is a 100% perfect solution to male erectile dysfunction.

Viagra because the name implies is that the generic version of the brand Viagra. Manufacturers of the said drug offer that Viagra has an equivalent potency to treat male erectile dysfunction in men. The most difference is probably its price as this version costs lower. Price difference may run from a couple of dollars to many dollars especially if an individual wants to shop for these in larger quantities.

What should I do before taking Viagra?

Because Viagra is a drug, a visit to your doctor is significant. Your doctor is perhaps the only authority which will determine if you're fit take the said drug. Patients who have medical conditions should visit their doctor or health specialist in order that they won't suffer any medical complications. Remember, while Viagra can assist you combat male erectile dysfunction, it's going to cause unwanted reactions especially if you are taking medications.

How do I buy Viagra?

You can buy Viagra online the way you purchase the name counterpart. As an example, you'll buy this from an area drug store or pharmaceutical centre if these companies carry the said version. You will also try buying it from online pharmacy stores.